mission statement

genesisThe purpose of this site is very simple.  We desire to bless the church and the world by proclaiming and defending the wonderful truths found in the book of Genesis. The historicity of Genesis has come under attack over the last couple centuries, particularly chapters 1-11. Why is this a problem?  It just so happens that these chapters serve as the foundation for nearly all doctrines found in the Bible—the nature of God, the nature of man, the origin of sin, the origin of death, the necessity of the Cross, the origin of marriage, the origin of people groups, etc.  All of these find their root in the historical truths of the book of Genesis.  If you compromise the foundation, you compromise the whole structure.

Psa. 11:3 If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

It’s a very clever strategy, when you think about it.  When the Cross of Christ is directly attacked, the church responds quite appropriately.  Clergy and laymen joint together and draw battle lines.  Such attacks are never tolerated and our adversary knows this.

But attacks on Genesis elicit a very different response. Some in the church fight back, to be sure, but most don’t and many actually join in and fight on the wrong side.  It makes much more sense, therefore, for Satan to go after the foundation—the very history of Genesis which establishes the need for the Cross.

But the good news is, the book of Genesis is true history.  And because it is true , the rest of the Bible is also true and can be trusted from cover to cover.  It is our intention to bless the world with this truth one conversation at a time.

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