Genesis 3D Movie heading to theaters

Genesis 3D movie posterGenesis 3D is a feature-length movie/documentary that will cover the first chapter of the book of Genesis.  Unlike other Hollywood adaptions, this one will be faithful to the biblical account.  What a concept!  Using cutting-edge technology, Genesis 3D will attempt to take us back to the beginning of time, when God miraculously spoke the world into existence, just as the Bible says.  The film will be anti-evolution and anti-big bang (millions/billions of years).  It will affirm a relatively recent, literal 6 day creation and show man and modern animals coexisting with dinosaurs.  That should be enough to get any biblical creationist’s heart pumping.  There is no official release date as of yet, though they’ve stated they’re shooting for late 2014 to early 2015. The cast of experts and film makers is impeccable, including two PhD astrophysicists and one PhD molecular geneticist.  Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, will be one of the primary commentators, along with a dream team of other brilliant creationists.

The experts involved in the Genesis 3D movie

The two brainchildren of this project seem to be Ralph Strean, founder of Sevenfold Films, and Eric Hovind, founder of Creation Today (though I’m sure others deserve mention).  They are great examples of Christians stepping out in faith and using their God-given talents to make a difference.  For the last 2 years, these and others have been sacrificing countless hours to complete a significant portion of the production.  Then, when the time came, they reached out for financial support.  In September, they launched a fundraising campaign on which turned out to be wildly successful.  In just 18 days, they received a quarter million dollars in donations!  Those donations are still pouring in, and I suspect they’ll soon reach the half million mark.

What does this tell us?  I’m convinced God is moving in the hearts and minds of Christians all over the world and calling his Church back to the foundation of Genesis.  The sad truth is the church has by and large forgotten Genesis—particularly chapters 1-11, which are foundational to so many vital biblical doctrines—nature of God, nature of man, origin of sin, origin of death, origin of marriage, origin of languages, etc.

I pray Christians see the importance of this film and get behind it.  Let’s let the world know the whole Bible can be trusted from beginning to end.

You can view their fundraising site here.  In addition to the total shown on indiegogo, they’ve raised an additional $120,000 from private big donors (at the time of this post).

Genesis 3D official trailer

Long version of the trailer with commentary by Ken Ham and others

Ralph Strean and Eric Hovid explain the process of how Genesis 3D came together

Q & A session with producers Ralph Strean and Eric Hovind.

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